Friday, August 14, 2009

Delos by Day....

Our next stop was a morning in Delos. Delos is a small island, that can only be visited during the day. It is illegal to spend the night on this ancient archaeological site. This island is considered 'sacred' and is thought to be the mythical birtplace of Apollo and Aartemis. The amazing aspects of Delos are that it is so 'in tact' very well preserved, and that the entire island is an archaeological site. You can read more about the history of Delos in any guide book, so I will just share the photos with you today and add my two cents.

This could have been a Merchant's home -
with beautiful tile floors, completely in tact.

With a Roman influence, the people of Delos built terraces & Aqueducts
to capture and hold every ounce of water on
These the dry islands. Pure genius!!

Again, great temples were built.

Check out this marble, mosiac floor.
I would love a floor like this today!!!
I could not believe the beauty of this special island.

Yes, even flowers (well, you might call it a weed)
manage to grow happily with in the ruins.

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