Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Blue Mosque

One of the things that the Blue Mosque is famous for is it's six slender minarets... but of course, I was so excited to get inside to see the Iznik tiles..... in blue & white, that I did not take a photo of the exterior. As in any Mosque, it is respectful to take off your shoes, but when there are thousands of tourists all trying to take there shoes off and get inside, it gets a bit chaotic. We managed it smoothly, as everyone is handed a bag to put their shoes in.... thus, you carry them with you and do not have to go looking for them when you leave. This Mosque is also undergoing restoration, so there was scaffolding all about. But the beauty of the tiles and the Mosque is worth the stop.
Traditionally, there are no humans or animals depicted with in the Mosques.
Rather, there is beautiful calligraphy and ornaments
of intricate patterns that adorn the walls and ceiling.
The amount of workmanship with in these walls, was extraordinary.

hopefully, if you enlarge this photo (double click on it),
you can see the intricacy of the patternes
and the incredible beauty on the ceiling dome.

Even the stained glass windows are made up of patterns.

As in any tourist venue during
high season, the Mosque was packed with people.

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