Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back to Athens.... then on to the small ship

A Post Script from the last blog.........

I did forget to mention one of my favorite things about Delphi! They originated the "Lego"! Seriously, one of the brilliant design features of the Ancient Greeks, is that they stabilized their buildings with this Lego style connector. They can often be found around the ruins. I love that this has been adapted into the 20th - 21st Century.

Okay.... back to Athens....

Do you think that we would miss the Acropolis? Not on your life. It was close to 100 degrees that day and the wind was blowing at 30 miles per hour up on the acropolis (actually means high point ....on of the hills of Greece). As you can see, it continues to undergo restoration, yet it is breathtaking, when you think of the complexity of this building and others around it.

Another angle from down below, looking up at the Acropolis.

This is the brand new Acropolis Museum, which opened just before we arrived in the Country.
It is a beautiful building which houses the remaining relics of the Acropolis. As you know, most of the remaining artifacts are at the British Museum. Hopefully, one day soon, they will be back where they belong, in this museum that awaits with plenty of room and the appropriate history. It is only a few hundred yards from the Acropolis.

Here is just a peek at how the museum has presented the archaeological digs below street level. They continue to work on excavation beneath the building, but they have also unearthed beautiful and complete spaces with tiles that could be used today. A high light of our visit.

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