Monday, August 10, 2009

Amid the Ancient ruins (or 40 short years of love)

Today is the anniversary of my Sweet Hubby and myself......40 short years (well, if you consider the Greek history... it is but a sneeze in time). Yet, we have had a life time of love, fun and challenges to keep us looking forward to whatever comes our way. We have been celebrating all Spring & Summer, but today it is official - 40 years of love!! Thank you sweet hubby, for being with me through out this wonderful journey of life.

Back to Greece.....

It is said that Zeus released two eagles at opposite ends of the world and they met here.
The Ancients regarded Delphi as the 'center of the world', and came to the Oracle (believed to be Apollo's mouthpiece) to seek advice, marry and bring great treasures.

Today, Delphi, is a remarkable ruin. Dating from 586b.c., it is hard to imagine the sophistication of the people. The marble paths were steep as we climbed up to the temple of the Oracle, then on to the Theatre (dating from the 4th cent. b.c. and restored by the Romans) and the Stadium, which is one of the best preserved stadiums of ancient Greece.
The remaining columns of the Oracle at Delphi

Looking down from the Theatre to the Sanctuary

The Theatre at Delphi

We took a hike up here in 95 degree temperatures,
but to see this amazing stadium, was a treat!

Just down the road is the Temple to Athena
and Tholos (seen above) which was a circular sanctuary

Only three columns have been re-erected
(the darker brown is the original part of the column and the lighter is a restored piece)

Tomorrow we will head back to Athens and then on to our boat, where we visited the islands of Greece. It provided a whole 'other' dimension to the trip! I also promise to show you some of the work that I have been doing this week. I am getting back into the studio and making some progress!

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