Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Putting the pieces together....

Putting all of the pieces of this puzzle together.... before it wilts!!

I had to take several photos of my thistle as it was slowly wilting on me. The studio now has an air conditioning vent, but it still stays pretty warm in there, which (when taking flowers out of their environment) is not conducive to maintaining good specimens.

So I am drawing when ever I get a minute and working out the details directly on to the paper. It's not the best method of drawing - but it's working on this piece.

I also just got my dandelions back from the framer and they look so much better in a frame. Of course, a great framer helps.

So, if you are near Boulder, and want a Super Great framer..... go to Fast Frames, just around the corner from Whole foods (across from the new Barnes & Noble book store). Okay, I was not paid for that plug.... but I will take a photo of the painting and you will see how nice of a job he does.

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