Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Garden memories

Daisy's, once taken from Grandma's garden, thrive at our home

Lilies along the fence - store bought

Lilies dug from a dear friend's garden

If I walk around our garden, there are flowers to be found that have been bought by us, but many have been shared by family and friends - those are the most precious. Our daisies come from my Sweet Hubby's's his Mother tended for years, now a lovely memory.

I have many flowers growing that were gifts from friends, when my own Mother died several years ago. They are a gentle reminder, through out the flowering season, of her love of the garden, as well.

Finally, there are flowers from friends.... dug up when they were thinning their flower beds, transferred lovingly to our back yard, and now thriving in their new home. All are treasured and tended with love....favorites now, because of the friendships and the memories.

Gratefully, we have lived in the same place for a very long time... and I have been able to nurture this garden and enjoy the ongoing tribute. I often think that when we move.... we will clear out so much of the garden to take with us, all that will be left is an empty patch. It would be hard to leave all of these memories behind.

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