Friday, July 17, 2009

The Back Yard in Mid-Summer

"I'm trying to arrange my life
so that I don't even have to be present"
- Anonymous -

The Perennial Garden in all it's jumbled glory!

A broad view of the creek and open space beyond..

The creek is actually a 'ditch' so we created a "Falls"

A screened porch to keep the 'squiters" out

So here I am, getting ready for a break from the blog. I will be back in a few weeks - fresh as a daisy (or maybe a black eyed Susan...which will be filling in the garden, by then). I am also going to try to put down the paintbrush and pencil, which is even harder for me to do. I will give it my best shot.... but if I fail at that, I will bring you the work completed.... or new sketches.

Thanks for being there.... commenting.... caring through the e-mails..... I WILL BE BACK!!

Now, I hope that you get to take a break, as well. Grab your book; or your sketch pad; or your sweetie, and have some Summer fun! See you soon!

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