Thursday, June 4, 2009

A plant that only a Mother could love...

Baby Yucca plant almost looks like asparagus!

As a Mother, I think this stage of the plant is quite beautiful

My favorite..... the "oldy" but goody pod!

The Yucca plant is a metaphor for least for me.   The youthful look is okay.... but as it ages, the beauty is in the blooms, and most especially in the pod, desiccated, but stunning!   Seriously, as an artist, I will have the most fun creating with the pod.  Still, this will be quite a complicated plant to draw, and it will most likely take me a while to pull this one off.  I want to challenge myself this year.

I am done with taking class for a while.  Mostly, since I have taken so many of them already, and also because I am ready to just work for a bit.... use my knowledge, before I have to get a nudge from an instructor to shape up sloppy art.  

So, today celebrates the 'aging beauty".... and the freedom to work on your own, to create without direction and see where it takes you.  Whether it is your garden, your house, your art, or any other creative endeavor,  enjoy those things that have been around for a bit...the aging beauty....celebrate it.... and find a new and creative way to put it into your world.  

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