Wednesday, June 3, 2009

peony bud - unfinished!!!!

Just starting a peony.....

Crazy - Crazy week!   Some weeks are just not calm, nor quiet, nor organized.  Some weeks are just downright chaotic!    However, I am smiling through it and there are some lighter moments within the chaos.   

Here is a peony that I started..... which is growing in my back yard for the first time since we planted it three years ago.  I am so excited to see the bloom, but couldn't wait.  The buds have been tight for a week, so I started this study and will continue to do studies of it as it blooms.  I used a cold press paper (normally use hot press), so it is absorbing more water... and more paint... we shall see.  

Today, I took a walk with friends on the most beautiful path....(road, actually).  One of my friends lives in the foothills of Colorado, and invited us to walk around her 'subdivision' which is filled with beautiful homes around a lake.   The beauty of it is that there are pine trees, grasses, wild flowers and a sense of being 'away from it all' while ten minutes from the city.  It was just breathtaking.  Since it was a misty, moisty day, everything took on jewel tones.  

Of course, I found lots of Yucca plants, at every stage of bloom.  I was so excited... (yes, my friends know that I get a bit crazy around plants).   I did NOT have my camera...Darn!!   So, this afternoon, I drove back and took photos (yes, my friends understand when I do this - Crazeeee!).  I am excited to do a study of the yucca - can't wait.  I will download the photos and share them with you tomorrow.

I also plan to take the camera in for a well deserved cleaning, which will take several days, so I may be without photos for a bit.  I will just see what I can find in the archives to share with you.  

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