Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Magnolia at the Denver Botanic Gardens

What a beauty!

The Denver Botanic Gardens are undergoing a lot of change right now. They are building a new parking structure, changing a gift shop to a 'Bistro", and adding a new visitors center..... along with changes within the gardens.

However.... true to the quality of this beautiful place, the Gardener's are working overtime to improve and enhance the gardens. This Magnolia tree was transplanted to the center of the entrance. It is rare to see a Magnolia tree in this area, so I went crazy with photos when I saw it. I just wanted to share them with you.

I love the Magnolia, because it reminds me of my Daughter-in-law, a Southerner, who loves Magnolias and nature, in general. I did a watercolor of a Magnolia & a Colorado Columbine, for their wedding gift - crazy juxtaposition of flowers - but it fits them perfectly (and it's what they asked for). I will try to dig out my working sketch and share that with you tomorrow.

So "Cheers" to the magnificent Magnolia - a beauty, where ever it is seen.

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