Friday, June 19, 2009

local Garden Tour....

Clematis in a lovely shade of violet

The palest of Japanese Iris - just so delicate!

How cool is this in your yard!
It is over a table that was beautifully set.
... so romantic!

A bit of lightness today - a local Garden Tour was just the ticket! I find that the discovery of a new plant or maybe an old favorite in a new setting, is just what I need to appreciate my own garden. I want to find a way to hang a Chandelier over my table, on our porch. This Gardener used a pulley system to attach the chandelier and then tied it to a hook that was placed on the tree. It was brilliant!!

I need to finish painting my Adirondack chair (sure hope that I spelled that one correctly), and set it outside. I want to add some ambiance to the yard - it certainly needs it. One of these days, I will take you on a tour of my garden..... We shall celebrate with our own garden tour.

I will most likely not blog this weekend - too much going on..... so I want to wish all of the Fathers out there a very Happy Fathers Day. My dear Dad is 94 years young, and will no doubt, be headed for his lake place to feed the birds, sail in his boat, or maybe just relax in a chair for a bit. I will definitely be thinking of him on Sunday (and every day).

HAPPY FATHERS DAY with love and hugs.

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