Friday, June 26, 2009

Hiking the Colorado Trails much 'new growth' due to the rains this Spring.

pine cones popping out everywere

Wild rose on the side of the trail....

Water flowing along the trail.... wonderful sound as you walk!

Beautiful falls - actually a small dam controls the water source for our city

It was a week of extremes..... losing a dear friend....funerals..... a huge loss to all of us. Then, gathering as friends, sharing, laughing, remembering....knowing that we will all continue the journey together.... never forgetting... but moving to a 'new normal'.

At the end of this week, comes a birthday celebration for me.... a quiet one, for sure, but nonetheless, getting out for a hike on the Colorado trails is a celebration of the greatest magnitude. I pinch myself each year, knowing that this magnificence is so close at hand, and it it how I like to celebrate my birthday. It's my gift to myself..... and having my 'sweet hubby' along with me, is just a perfect party.

Friends & family called, along with the kids (my other most favorite treat is hearing from them).... and we laughed and shared our thoughts. There were cards too.... from all over. I savor them.... read and re-read them - they mean so much.

So, life moves on..... another year to count.....

There will be great joys awaiting me.... and great losses.... and lots of stuff in between the highs and lows. I am grateful for it all....

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