Monday, June 22, 2009

Guess who's coming to dinner?

What to my wondering eyes should appear???

Why, it's a small, hungry, happy deer!!!

We were working outside in the yard on Saturday.... and what should ramble by??? Why, of course, a deer. However, we have only had deer in our yard one other time.... in the middle of winter, during the worst of the drought years.

This year, there is much to eat in the foothills, so for a deer to wander this far down and then meander up along the ditch to our back yard, is quite a surprise. He wasn't the least bit surprised to see us.... nor intimidated with Sweet Hubby running around the yard, taking photos of him. He just kept eating (in the neighbors yard - better treats there, I guess).

I do love where we live, as we do manage to have a surprise visitor from time to time. It's just nice to know that they feel welcome, and there is a bit of a treat to eat.... just for them.

By the way, the little robins have 'flown the coop"..... they were itching to fly, so I hope that they flew out of the nest and away to the trees around us. They were awfully 'itty, bitty' to be flying, but I think the natural world grows up a lot faster than we humans.

It's also officially in to my second year of blogging. I started last Father's Day, and so today marks the first of the next year.

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