Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Framing class - tra La!

Here is the one I framed myself..... so easy!

It's all in the tools.  That is what I have heard over and over.  If you have the right tools, any project is much easier.  So, I had all of these neat tools to play with and the job was easy!  

I have to purchase a few things..... but when I do, I plan to do more of this work by myself.  The teachers recommendations were:

* Have some one else cut your mat - Museum quality - it looks better!
(unless you have a $600 mat cutter)  

* Find inexpensive frames at garage sales, auctions, art stores 
and change up the color with shoe polish or spray on paint.

*  Choose soft colored mats - let the art work be the center of attention.

*  Have fun with the Framing process - it doesn't have to be intimidating.

There was a lot more information given to us, but I thought these basic tips were pretty good.
If you have any great tips on framing.... pass them along to me, and I will share.  

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