Thursday, June 18, 2009

As promised....Columbine & Magnolia

colored pencil work up, enhanced by Picnik

I thought you might enjoy seeing the work up drawing for the watercolor painting that I gave to my Son & Wife, upon their marriage. I love Magnolias as well as Columbines, so even though it seems like an odd coupling, I liked the way it turned out. They are not an odd couple, at all, but they come from very different areas of the country - it's refreshing!

We never know what draws us to each other, or what takes us away .....sometimes life is more of a mystery than I can figure out. I am just grateful that it is still possible for unique matches and life long love.

You probably wonder what I am rambling on about..... but losing a dear friend, whose marriage was magical and one for the books, makes one think about how those matches come together. They had a beautiful - truly beautiful - marriage that lasted more than 42 years (if my guess is right) and was still going strong. Her grief will be immeasurable, but I am so grateful that she has known this kind of love.

So, Columbine & Magnolia - I wish the same for you..... many years of joy and celebration, before you ever part.

Today, love the one you are with.... and if you are not 'with' anyone today, give a hug to someone near and dear.... pass the love along.

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