Thursday, May 14, 2009

Watercolor Class.....Yellows!

these tulips cast more of an orange tone.... can you see it?

the pansies cast more of a green tone, but with patches of cadmium yellow

The hibiscus shouts 'hope' with it's cadmium yellow (orange yellow) tones.
Can you see it?   It took me awhile to catch one to this......

Yellow is the color of hope - that is what a student told us today!   I like that!  I am taking a class in watercolor - the illusive yellow.  It's a tricky, deceptively tricky, color to paint.  I have a tendency to 'lay it on too thick'....but luckily, I have an amazing teacher and she knows the tricks of the trade. So, with the first of three classes under my belt, I have much homework, and much fun awaiting me.  

However, I will spend the next three days, working at a special workshop with a guest instructor.  I will be working in color at all!!   I promise, when I come up for air, I will share the ideas and work from these two classes.

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