Thursday, May 7, 2009

Life is a Kleidescope

sometimes life is a jumble...

This week has been a jumble of joy, frustration and sadness......along with a little stress, laughter and impatience.....probably a lot of other emotions as well.

There are times that I wish that life was simple and easy.  Ha!   wouldn't everybody wish for a day or two of that?  But, it's's hard, and confusing and frustrating, with a bit of "lovely" thrown in to keep us gong.   

In holding a baby,  I can't believe the joy.... When seeing friends struggle, I want to cry.....Cleaning up the house - simply dusting and plugging in that vacuum - brings a measure of pleasure.  I am trying to make order out of chaos..... unjumbling the jumble.  

I hope that your day is 'jumble free'.... calm, zen, peaceful, quiet, with happiness in abundance.   If, perhaps, it is a jumble, know that there is a bit of 'lovely' waiting for you, somewhere along the way.

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