Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Friday.... what happened????

Preparations for framing workshop

I am getting ready for my last workshop for awhile.... picture framing.   I will spend Saturday at the Denver Botanic Gardens, taking a quick workshop in picture framing.  They are working on the street in front of the gardens, so it will be a challenge to even get into the parking lot, but worth it, I am sure.  I have tried to take this course four times and it has been cancelled for one reason or another.  I do not plan to let a street closure dampen my spirits.  I need to learn more about the framing process.

I have been working on this "Iris" for my Illusive yellows, painting class.

I am not done with this painting, but wanted to share it anyway.   I have been running back and forth to Denver, taking classes, trying to keep up with friends and the house, and continue my painting on a daily basis.  Sometimes the blog gets a bit behind... but then, I do have some work to share, when I get back to you all.  

I have completed another piece (the tulips) and I am working on several others.  It's all good....just not enough time in the day right now.  So, I still have a bit to do on this painting... actually, quite a bit to do, but I made a dent in the painting process, and I feel good about where this painting is leading me.  I hope you do too.

Also, some good news.... I am not only coming up on my first Anniversary of the blog (Father's Day, to be exact), but I have had more than 1000 visitors..... which may not seem like a lot, but I think that it is quite wonderful.  I don't often get comments but I certainly enjoy the ones I get, and I know that there are enough of you that do enjoy my 'jabber' and my work, to keep me going.  To those of you who have written, thank you..... and to those of you who haven't, I do hope to hear from you at some point.    

So, the weekend is here...and it will fly by.  My sweet hubby will be getting some 'medical stuff' done on Monday, so I probably won't write again until mid-week.  But, I have more work to share, and possibly a few tips on framing too.    Enjoy your weekend, and be well.

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