Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

This is a pond, right next to the ocean.....

...where the bench sits, in memory of my mother....

My mother is no longer with us, but her vivacious, energetic, artistic spirit is all around me, all of the time.  Today, I miss her more than most days.   It's funny, how we just think that our Mom's will be there for ever - a fixture in our lives.  It isn't easy being a Mom, and it takes many years for children to appreciate the qualities that many Moms have.  We look at them with our 'child' filter, and forget that they have a life out side of us and in spite of us, yet they need us in their lives forever.  

I miss my Mom so much.  It took such a long time for me to get to know her (the real and true 'her').  We called each other almost every day in her last few years, and I could always count on her to make me laugh or smile.  What a gift.  Today, I will celebrate the memories.

I am grateful for my two children - both gifted and kind.  Both remembered the day - gave a call - wished me a happy day.  They are far away, and their lives are so busy.  I miss them more on days like today.   Gratefully, they are happy and healthy and content....the greatest gift of all.   

Happy Mother's Day to all of you out there - You are all to be celebrated today. 

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