Monday, May 18, 2009

From color to black and white....

graphite drawing of  "A Sunday Walk"

A close up view of some of the completed areas

What did I do all weekend??.... and a most beautiful weekend to be sure.  I was inside, drawing and then drawing some more.  My brain was exploding from all the learning...and today I ache all over.   Our instructor, Rhonda Nass, a true master of graphite, shared so much information with us.  We worked for two out of the three days, on our pieces.  She said that we could expect to put in about 100 hours of work to complete these, and I believe her!!  

We were also trying to tap into our emotions to create these drawings.  Now, Botanical Art is not 'emotion packed', at least not for most people.  It doesn't mean that you can't love a flower that you are painting, but to create a 'vignette" of a piece from nature, that carries some emotions with it.... well, that was a new" gig" for me.  

I wanted to do a small piece.... not to complicated (what was I thinking!!???).... hoping that I would complete it over the weekend.   WELL.... not exactly, but I tried to find something that did evoke a good memory.   I find that I like to dig into my "Joy" well, instead of the sad parts of life, for my emotional work.   I have mucked about in the sad stuff, and it just makes me more sad, so when I grab at the happier moments, it gives me momentum to keep moving in that direction.  The bark from the Birch tree, and the feather, took me back to our trip in Maine, last September.  I can smell the salty air, see the beautiful Birch trees tucked in among the pines, and the delicate feather that some bird left to memory.... well, it did "speak to me".

This work is far from done.   It probably will require about 100 hours, and it is a surprisingly small piece.  I will be sure to frame it and place it where it brings back the beauty of a wonderful place and a wonderful trip.

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