Saturday, April 4, 2009

Variations on a theme

A beautiful sunset on the beach

daily hikes and the discovery of 'tide pools'

A vows renewal ceremony, blessed by a Maui shower!

What a week we have had!! Our children joined us for a week of fun, funny and WINDY!! While I can't complain, because the snow and sleet has hit Colorado this week, the wind did give us mighty gusts all week long. We have had sunny days and cool days, but every day has been windy.
We took hikes or long walks almost every day, finding challenging hills, tide pools that were breathtaking, and a local store which provided us with treats along the way. We discovered trees and flowers, sea urchins and slugs, along with "Mowee Wowee" chocolate bars and spam sushi!
There was laughter and some tears (really, I had hoped to stay cool as a cucumber at our renewal ceremony... but I was deeply touched and the tears rolled ). Our renewal ceremony was the best. The kids were dear; we loved "Rev. Kolleen" and her beautiful words, and the humor of the Maui shower at the end of the ceremony. We all rushed to the condo and dried off a bit before heading to a wonderful dinner.
Each person brought their unique personality to he week... which of course, I found delightful!
Now, the kids have headed home... it's too quiet here, but still quite lovely. I plan to get down to some serious drawing in the next few days. Aloha

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