Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shades of color

Plumeria flowers in red are more rare!

Gray day - but the Plumeria's beauty shines

As promised..... the surfers have been working the waves!

Today is a bit on the gray side.... cool but hazy. This is perfect reading weather... or exploring... but we decided to have a lazy day...watching whales, reading, and just being lazy. We did not even take a walk today, but I thought that I would share photos of yesterday. The swells were up and the surfers were out on the point from sun up til way past sundown. We watched the last one paddle in after dark.
Yesterday, on our walk, we took photos of the plumeria that sits on a vacant lot... sort of neglected, yet rather rare with it's deep red blooms. I love the Plumeria for it's "Japanese" spare elegance and beautifully scented blossoms. Many leis are made from the blossoms of the Plumeria and with these winds, they have been falling all around us (hence, the up close shot of the red blooms).
I guess it is time to get up and get going - a few more errands to run .... then, back to my good book!!

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