Monday, April 13, 2009

"Rose of Sharon" hibiscus

Just add the color ..... another beauty!

And then, another beautiful sunset.... Life is good!

It is hard to get 'jaded' here. Even though the beauty is all around you, it is just impossible not to appreciate it every day. Today was another repeat.... walk for an hour along the coast....enjoy a good book..... beach it..... dinner out with fish tacos... another beautiful sunset... with whales off the point. Really, when nature gives us so many gifts.... FREE!! I know that life can be difficult... challenging, frustrating.... but here I am - and I am grateful for these gifts....
Nature is beautiful. If you are frustrated with snow, rain, sleet... or gray.... go and take a walk around your block. I guarantee, there will be some beauty from nature, trying to grow as Spring pops up around you..... and be grateful that some things (really beautiful things) don't cost us anything... they are gifts to us... and we just need to appreciate them. Hugs to you today.

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