Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our Daily walk...

Sea urchins up close and personal

The Sea urchin's condos in Maui!

No... these are not sea urchins... but bananas growing on our grounds!

Some days, when it is cloudy and sort of raining in bits and spurts, we walk around the property about five times... sort .of gives us a good walk, and we get to enjoy what is right here. Today, we checked out our tide pools. Because it was so cloudy, the photos didn't come out very well, but you get the idea of how the sea urchins tuck themselves into little 'condo' holes in the lava. They are protected from the wave action and seem quite comfortable in their tiny abodes.
There also seems to be an abundance of banana trees on the property, which I thought you might enjoy seeing. Some of the people who live here full time cut and ripen the fruit... eating just what they need every day. We would never cut down the fruit, as we cannot bring it back to the mainland - very strict rules about taking any fruits off the island. (Yes, even Pineapples have to be packaged and certified before you can take them home). Still, it's fun to see the fruit in it's natural habitat, growing all around.

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