Monday, April 27, 2009

Lasting Aloha.....

Crown Flower lei, given to me by Nani

Beautiful Yellow lei (unknown flower) and haku leaf leis

I had promised not to write any more about Hawaii after I came home.... but a surprise on our last day was the most beautiful gift of "Aloha" from Nani, that I had to share it with you.  

I love the spirit of the people of Hawaii.   They maintain great patience with all of us visitors, who seem to take over the islands, at times.  They have much to share and teach us, when we choose to listen.  Nani is 81 years young and a great teacher.  She is a Naturalist who shares her knowledge of the island with visitors who come to our place to visit.  We have taken her nature tour but we also took her pineapple cutting class.   I wanted to thank her for what she has shared with us, so I did a small watercolor (posted previously) as a thank you gift.  

On the day before we left, she dropped off two leis in the office.  The beautiful yellow one (I can't remember the flowers... but they were amazingly fragrant) was for the head, much like the Haku leis that we made at another class.  The second lei was a TRIPLE strand of  "Crown" flowers.  They were originally made only for the Queen and are a very special gift when shared.

I was so touched by this kindness.... this true 'aloha spirit'.  I wanted to share these works of art with you and the spirit that was extended from a lovely Hawaiian.... known as Nani.  

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DoAn said...

I am pretty sure those flowers are Plumeria (also called Frangipani). They are commonly used for leis in Hawaii and they grow all over the islands. Beautiful flowers, beautiful fragrance and they come in many colors.