Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Passover & Happy Easter

Protea flower at Kula Botanical Gardens

Fuchsia at Kula BG

Pincushion Proteas at Kula BG

This week has been a celebration of Passover and of Easter (tomorrow). I can't think of a better way to send good wishes to my readers...but to send you photos of flowers that we visited at the Kula Botanical Gardens. Yesterday, the rain and clouds continued, so we decided to head up to 3300 feet and visit a public garden started by a family on 9 acres of land. The son continues to work with his parents and continue the tradition of flowers. We put on our rain gear and braced for cool temperatures and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon of beauty.
Today, it is sunny and warm! We took a walk with Auntie Noni (a naturalist) this 81, she is a wealth of knowledge on Hawaiian plants, trees, flowers, and the environment. Just listening to her is a treat. Then we hit the tide pools... and this afternoon, it is definitely time for the beach! ...and on to a new book!
Life is good.... blessings to you all.

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