Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day!

Today is "Earth Day" and through out this planet, people are celebrating the earth and all of it's well, as educating us on how we can keep our land safe and healthy. I have been overly indulged in Maui, with tropical plants, beautiful beaches, beauty everywhere. There is an abundance of nature and it's beauty here, but Hawaiians are more than aware of what it takes to maintain this beauty. In an effort to provide a self sustaining life, the islands are using many modern as well as ancient techniques to maintain the land, sea and air.

The issues in Colorado are different, and yet, we are trying to create good care of our land in other ways. Today, just reminds us of what we should be doing every day to make the world just a little bit of a better place.

This will be my last blog from Maui..... as I will be heading home tomorrow. It's time to put the computer away, savor my last day here and say aloha to the island that I love so much.

Aloha.... see you back in Colorado next Monday.... with, hopefully, some work to show... but more likely, notes on re-entry to the 'real' world.

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