Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Before I left.....a work in progress

I was working on these daffodils, in colored pencil before I left for Maui...and now the tulips are up!!

I am catching up, downloading photos of the trip, making Cd's for the kids, and trying to figure out if the sore throat is "plane crud",  "allergies" or "Swine flu".   Most likely, it is from traveling..... I always seem to catch what ever is on the plane after every flight I take.

I was working on this daffodil drawing before I left.  I had set up the easel due to back pain... but I may decide to get back in to watercolor and away from the colored pencil for a bit.  I do have a work shop coming up, mid-month... so it would be nice if I did some work now, so I am not so rusty with the hands and eyes, for the workshop.

Days are still struggling to get warm here.... I mean really warm.  I love the sun and warmth, but it's still cool and Spring like.  I plan to get out an photograph this afternoon - the gardens are glorious.

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