Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What I have been working on....

An oldie but goodie, pulled out of the dustbin....

Yesterday, I pulled out this old iris....water color.  I had tried to pull it back from the dust bin, but it just wouldn't please me.  Instead of pitching it, I put it away... and yesterday, I took another look.  You see, I still can't work with the watercolor yet, as it hurts too much to bend over a flat table to work.  I am using my easel, so I went at it with colored pencil.  

I now have a mixed media piece.... may keep it.... may frame it.... may put it away again... and think about it for a bit more.  I must say that I do like it better than the piece I looked at yesterday.  Sometimes we just need to 'sit on it' with something..... not making a decision to give up on it, but to hold off, until the timing is better, or creativity comes back (or skill??).

So, I have had some fun with it.  What do you think... is it a keeper or should it head to the dustbin for good.  All comments are welcome!  (heck, any comments are welcome!)

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