Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Time for Renewal

The beautiful flowers touch my heart

This is the place of renewal

We are heading back to our beloved spot in Maui for awhile.  We are celebrating a milestone this year, and though it is not officially until August, we decided to celebrate our 40th wedding Anniversary with the 'renewing' of our vows with our children, on the above spot in about a week.  They will have a Spring Break with us and we will have a week of fun together.  

With life being so uncertain, these days, we decided to 'blow the wad' and just make a special occasion, that much more special.  I am grateful for this time together....and for the chance to celebrate 40 years of love with my sweet hubby.  

I plan to blog from Starbucks in Maui....   so I will be looking for lovely plants, happy times, and a few photos of the celebration and our time together!  I will probably be departing a bit from the usual botanicals... but for those who read this, it might be a nice diversion.


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