Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Studio Set up

Here is the new studio set up... for better backs!

Just completing the Dandelion in Colored pencil!

With a little help from "Sweet Hubby",  I was able to move my 'stuff' around and make space for a standing easel.  It is actually a calligraphy easel, but it is large enough to work on and can be used as a light box as well.  I worked in the studio yesterday and found that I could manage quite a bit longer... though it is initially a bit awkward to work on an angle.  Okay, I don't like change so much... but it's going to be fine.

We have daffodils up!!  and the crocus are all over the yard... think I will dig one up today and do a quick sketch of it.  Tomorrow, I will be in Denver for a workshop.... should be interesting (especially, since my order from Dick Blick has NOT arrived... and I have new materials needed for the workshop in the order..... I didn't realize that with the free shipping... they changed to 'parcel post' ....or as I call it.... the slow boat!).    

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