Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Morning Walk at the "pond"


nice view from the walking bridge

Morning nap..... or late sleepers??

During the Winter months, I often walk at the local Mall, with a friend.   There are specific reasons for doing so, but it is always a joy to get outside and check out our local 'pond' (actually a series of ponds) and the 'locals' (better known as the geese population).   

This morning was no exception.  The 'goslings' have not arrived  but the adults were enjoying a quiet morning of sleeping in and having a light breakfast on the barely there grass.  The dryness can be seen everywhere, so nothing is greening up this Spring.... just staying beige.

Still, it was a lovely morning - crisp, with a light breeze, and it felt great to get out and walk.

I hope you are enjoying signs of Spring, where ever you are....  in the Northern Hemisphere.

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