Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Local Showing....

A Board Member of the Local Art Registry hangs the paintings.

small show of five piece at a local spot!

We have an "Artist Registry" in our town - and when you sign up, you can be asked to show your work in various public venues.  I was asked to show my work at the local Country Club, in a small spot off the pub.  It is a nice way to get my work out into the public and the nice part about it is that is is on display (for sale) for four months.  Since I had everything sitting in a box since my last show in November, it was nice to pull it out again and put it up.  It is also an incentive to get some more work done.

I did not get into the studio yesterday....procrastination???   I am finally getting out and about and catching up on errands that needed doing.  By the time I get home, I want to lay on some ice for a while, and snooze...     Either this is 'aging' or 'healing'  and I am going with the latter!!  Let's see how far I get today!

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