Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just in time

We left Colorado 'just in time' a blizzard has hit the state, leaving huge amounts of snow and freezing temperatures. It will really whallop the buds and flowers that were blooming.

On a lighter note, we have arrived in Maui... such a beautiful place. I have this nifty teensy weensy computer, which I will be using while I am here. I have yet to download any photos, since I haven't taken any yet.

This morning we took a beautiful walk along the trails next to the beaches. I plan to take a camera and share some of the amazing views from there. Lots to explore! The first set of kids come tomorrow... my 'rock star' son and his lovely fiance. The next day, my "writer' son and his lovely wife arrive. Then, the fun begins!! I am very happy and excited to be here.

So, to my Colorado friends, please be safe and snug in your homes.... and I hope that you have a lot of groceries to fortify you in the next few days. I am thinking about you.

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