Friday, March 20, 2009

Grape Hyacinths

The grape hyacinth's are starting to come up......

The hardest part about Spring in Colorado, is that sometimes when there is a very mild Winter, the plants start blooming early..... and then it hits... that last burst of Winter.  We are experiencing lots of blooms and yet, in the next few days, we are expecting snow, and temperatures in the 20's.   Ouch!!  This is not what the plants need right now - Not at all!!!

Of course, we need the moisture, but rain would be so much better for everyone.  The bitter temperatures will nip these beauties in the bud, and that will be it.  It won't help with the lilacs, nor the Hyacinth which just popped up, not the tulips which are starting to peek out of the dirt.  
Every year, I hold my breath in March and April... until that last real frost leaves.  It looks like we will get hit this Spring, once again.  Oh, Well... I plan to cut all of the flowers out in the garden and enjoy them!!  Hope you do to... or maybe we will get lucky and the storm will pass us by.  Happy Spring to you!

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