Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Daffy - dilly day!

I thought that you might enjoy a Daffy - dilly celebration in our front yard

The daffodils are up and smiling... but they did NOT expect the snow this morning and the high wind gusts are not to their liking today.  Whew... this photo was taken on a sunnier day, but this is still quite early for the garden to be popping.  It is early afternoon and most of the snow has melted, as the sun is out again.   However, the wind is cold and bitter... not fun at all.

See if you can find the 'touch of Irish' that I tucked in the photo... you may have to double click on the picture to enlarge and then .... find the special 'pot o gold' tucked away.  If only it were real...  I would have you dip into the pot and take as much as you needed.... Hugs for today.

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