Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A walk along the coast

Sea Kayaks waiting for a bit of calm

Aloha from Maui.... we arrived here a day before the Denver area had a huge blizzard. Yes, we were so fortunate to be able to get away with out a problem, but we were sad that the weather at home, has changed for the worse.
However, it is very beautiful here, and we have been able to take long walks along the coast, and though the winds have been strong, we are having a wonderful family time. I am learning a lot about this computer and how to upload photos on to it. I will add more tomorrow - beautiful flowers all around.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just in time

We left Colorado 'just in time'...as a blizzard has hit the state, leaving huge amounts of snow and freezing temperatures. It will really whallop the buds and flowers that were blooming.

On a lighter note, we have arrived in Maui... such a beautiful place. I have this nifty teensy weensy computer, which I will be using while I am here. I have yet to download any photos, since I haven't taken any yet.

This morning we took a beautiful walk along the trails next to the beaches. I plan to take a camera and share some of the amazing views from there. Lots to explore! The first set of kids come tomorrow... my 'rock star' son and his lovely fiance. The next day, my "writer' son and his lovely wife arrive. Then, the fun begins!! I am very happy and excited to be here.

So, to my Colorado friends, please be safe and snug in your homes.... and I hope that you have a lot of groceries to fortify you in the next few days. I am thinking about you.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Time for Renewal

The beautiful flowers touch my heart

This is the place of renewal

We are heading back to our beloved spot in Maui for awhile.  We are celebrating a milestone this year, and though it is not officially until August, we decided to celebrate our 40th wedding Anniversary with the 'renewing' of our vows with our children, on the above spot in about a week.  They will have a Spring Break with us and we will have a week of fun together.  

With life being so uncertain, these days, we decided to 'blow the wad' and just make a special occasion, that much more special.  I am grateful for this time together....and for the chance to celebrate 40 years of love with my sweet hubby.  

I plan to blog from Starbucks in Maui....   so I will be looking for lovely plants, happy times, and a few photos of the celebration and our time together!  I will probably be departing a bit from the usual botanicals... but for those who read this, it might be a nice diversion.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Grape Hyacinths

The grape hyacinth's are starting to come up......

The hardest part about Spring in Colorado, is that sometimes when there is a very mild Winter, the plants start blooming early..... and then it hits... that last burst of Winter.  We are experiencing lots of blooms and yet, in the next few days, we are expecting snow, and temperatures in the 20's.   Ouch!!  This is not what the plants need right now - Not at all!!!

Of course, we need the moisture, but rain would be so much better for everyone.  The bitter temperatures will nip these beauties in the bud, and that will be it.  It won't help with the lilacs, nor the Hyacinth which just popped up, not the tulips which are starting to peek out of the dirt.  
Every year, I hold my breath in March and April... until that last real frost leaves.  It looks like we will get hit this Spring, once again.  Oh, Well... I plan to cut all of the flowers out in the garden and enjoy them!!  Hope you do to... or maybe we will get lucky and the storm will pass us by.  Happy Spring to you!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Morning Walk at the "pond"


nice view from the walking bridge

Morning nap..... or late sleepers??

During the Winter months, I often walk at the local Mall, with a friend.   There are specific reasons for doing so, but it is always a joy to get outside and check out our local 'pond' (actually a series of ponds) and the 'locals' (better known as the geese population).   

This morning was no exception.  The 'goslings' have not arrived  but the adults were enjoying a quiet morning of sleeping in and having a light breakfast on the barely there grass.  The dryness can be seen everywhere, so nothing is greening up this Spring.... just staying beige.

Still, it was a lovely morning - crisp, with a light breeze, and it felt great to get out and walk.

I hope you are enjoying signs of Spring, where ever you are....  in the Northern Hemisphere.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What I have been working on....

An oldie but goodie, pulled out of the dustbin....

Yesterday, I pulled out this old iris....water color.  I had tried to pull it back from the dust bin, but it just wouldn't please me.  Instead of pitching it, I put it away... and yesterday, I took another look.  You see, I still can't work with the watercolor yet, as it hurts too much to bend over a flat table to work.  I am using my easel, so I went at it with colored pencil.  

I now have a mixed media piece.... may keep it.... may frame it.... may put it away again... and think about it for a bit more.  I must say that I do like it better than the piece I looked at yesterday.  Sometimes we just need to 'sit on it' with something..... not making a decision to give up on it, but to hold off, until the timing is better, or creativity comes back (or skill??).

So, I have had some fun with it.  What do you think... is it a keeper or should it head to the dustbin for good.  All comments are welcome!  (heck, any comments are welcome!)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Signs of Spring

pussy willows begin to bloom

It's been a bit wild and crazy here.... too much 'behind the scenes' stuff and "getting ready to leave" piles of stuff.  You would think that I had never been on a trip before, but this one is going to be a bit special.  The kids are all coming and my sweet hubby and I will be renewing our vows by the ocean, to celebrate our 40th Anniversary.  Can you believe it!!  I would like to say that I got married at 12, but not so.... still, I was a young bride, so I am not an old crone, quite yet. (of course that depends on who you ask??!!)

I thought you would enjoy the pussy willow blooming.... just love them a lot.  I sold this one a while back, so it's gone, but I can pull  it up and share it with you at the very least.

I hope that you are enjoying St. Patrick's Week (seems like the celebration spreads out over the week, when the actual date is on a Tuesday).  I am trying to wear green, and enjoy the greening of our lawn and the garden.  With Spring only a few days away, it's time to celebrate!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Trying a post from Starbucks

We are planning a trip, so part of that plan is to post on my blog from afar. We are at the local Starbucks, trying out the wi-fi connection and it is working out pretty well. So, we will sign off for now, and try again in a few weeks from a land far away!

Enjoy your Saturday!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

St. Patty's Day Celebrations

This reminds me of Ireland!

Well, this weekend will be filled with celebrations of St. Patrick.  I do not have an ounce of Irish blood in me, but I have a love of all things Irish.  Some day, I will travel that way and meet the people, drink Guinness, and paint the town green.  Until then, I will celebrate with friends and wear green, and for a day, celebrate another rich culture.

I wanted to share a small bit of good news.  My son, the musician, has created his second solo c.d..  It is a unique sound and he has written, recorded and produced it all on his own.  This time around, he has decided to be Eco-friendly, and not create a hard c.d., but rather release his music directly to i-tunes.  So, if you are curious about his sound, you can go to the link on the side and it will lead you directly to his 'my space' or "i-tunes".  You can listen to the music on his 'my space' link.......   

I do not share his amazing ability, so I can only appreciate it and do a bit of bragging, as all Moms are apt to do.   His initials are ADR which will help you find the link on the side......

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Daffy - dilly day!

I thought that you might enjoy a Daffy - dilly celebration in our front yard

The daffodils are up and smiling... but they did NOT expect the snow this morning and the high wind gusts are not to their liking today.  Whew... this photo was taken on a sunnier day, but this is still quite early for the garden to be popping.  It is early afternoon and most of the snow has melted, as the sun is out again.   However, the wind is cold and bitter... not fun at all.

See if you can find the 'touch of Irish' that I tucked in the photo... you may have to double click on the picture to enlarge and then .... find the special 'pot o gold' tucked away.  If only it were real...  I would have you dip into the pot and take as much as you needed.... Hugs for today.

Monday, March 9, 2009

James Gurney workshop in Denver

Just a quick note... to tell you about the workshop that I was able to take on Friday, with James Gurney.  It was an amazing morning, and  he blogged about it that day.  We all learned a lot about plein air painting and tools that make it fun and easier to capture the quick image in our journals.

So pop on over to his blog, with this link and see what he had to say.  His blog is great, with lots of tips.  Look for the March 6th post.   Have fun!     Gurney Journey

Also, check out his "Dinotopia" site,which is the wonderful book that he has written:     http://www.dinotopia.com/index.html

Crocus delight

The crocus are prepping for St. Patty's Day!

The Crocus are all decked out for Spring... and I have 'enhanced' them a bit for St. Patty's Day.
You just can't start celebrating too soon, and St. Patty's always reminds me that Spring is right around the corner (much more than daylight savings, I must admit!).

So get out to your gardens, and peek around.... the plants are peeking out and some are boldly showing their stuff early this year.  I am grateful when the plants start coming back - it's a sure sign that the worst of Winter is over.  Time for celebration and more drawing!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Studio Set up

Here is the new studio set up... for better backs!

Just completing the Dandelion in Colored pencil!

With a little help from "Sweet Hubby",  I was able to move my 'stuff' around and make space for a standing easel.  It is actually a calligraphy easel, but it is large enough to work on and can be used as a light box as well.  I worked in the studio yesterday and found that I could manage quite a bit longer... though it is initially a bit awkward to work on an angle.  Okay, I don't like change so much... but it's going to be fine.

We have daffodils up!!  and the crocus are all over the yard... think I will dig one up today and do a quick sketch of it.  Tomorrow, I will be in Denver for a workshop.... should be interesting (especially, since my order from Dick Blick has NOT arrived... and I have new materials needed for the workshop in the order..... I didn't realize that with the free shipping... they changed to 'parcel post' ....or as I call it.... the slow boat!).    

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Local Showing....

A Board Member of the Local Art Registry hangs the paintings.

small show of five piece at a local spot!

We have an "Artist Registry" in our town - and when you sign up, you can be asked to show your work in various public venues.  I was asked to show my work at the local Country Club, in a small spot off the pub.  It is a nice way to get my work out into the public and the nice part about it is that is is on display (for sale) for four months.  Since I had everything sitting in a box since my last show in November, it was nice to pull it out again and put it up.  It is also an incentive to get some more work done.

I did not get into the studio yesterday....procrastination???   I am finally getting out and about and catching up on errands that needed doing.  By the time I get home, I want to lay on some ice for a while, and snooze...     Either this is 'aging' or 'healing'  and I am going with the latter!!  Let's see how far I get today!

Monday, March 2, 2009

The crocus are up!

The garden is starting to bloom with crocus!

It's too early.... it's too warm, but there they are, happy and smiling and glad to see the good weather.  March has come in like a lamb here (today it is close to 70 degrees!).  It's still dry as dust, but the weather is so delightful that it just makes everything seem good.

I set up my studio to draw at a more upright angle.... so I am going to give it a try this afternoon.  We shall see.  Since I have not started physical therapy yet... and I have a workshop on Friday in Denver... I need to challenge myself to get stronger and push through the pain.  It's really not so bad, though ice is nice at the end of the day (on my back, that is ...).

I know that it is cold and snowy on the East coast.... and it's been a rainy winter on the West coast.... but Colorado has been glorious - and I won't complain about that.

Today, I hung a show of five paintings that will be up for four months.  I will post photos tomorrow.  It's all good.