Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Springy weather!

Temperatures are in the 60's.....

I am standing upright again.... off medication.... still icing my back, but I managed to get out into the beautiful sunshine yesterday. 

After a wonderful trip to Florida (gosh, it is so much fun to spend time with your kids), and then coming home to a cold, with all the fun attached when I popped a disc, coughing (who does that??), I feel as though I have been away for a long time.  I will have to re-adjust my drawing table now (too hard on my back), so painting is a ways away for me.  But by next week, I should be back in the studio.

This is a very old and scratchy tulip, painted and reworked too many times... but it was a breath of Spring, that I wanted to share with you.

Life is still good... it just takes some bumps to appreciate what we had in the first place.  I am grateful to be moving again!

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