Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More Textures

grape hyacinths...slumber
tree bark never changes
could that be a golf ball???

Before the Superbowl game on Sunday, I went out side with the camera and started looking for textures.  It was interesting that I could find some green in grape hyacinths, still dormant flowers, but very green shoots folded over on the ground.  The never changing bark and rocks create a lovely surface to explore... though the golf ball brings a smile, as it's bright white pops against the neutrals of nature.   In our yard ...just off the golf course, there are golf balls tucked in many a nook and cranny.  It is a never ending 'easter egg hunt'.    

In the textures of your day, I hope that the neutral's are calming, the surprises bright and light, and that some of the textures do not change frequently.  It is nice to count on a continuance of some things in this ever changing world.

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