Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lotsa birthdays today!!

"The Birthday Boy!"

From November through February, there are an amazing number of birthdays in our family.  All of my siblings were born in the Winter months (I am the exception... ).  February is a busy month for birthdays and today is no exception.  

Today is extra special to me... it's my sweet hubby's birthday!   It's also my Dad's birthday and my former Sister-in-law's day of celebration.  Next week, my son and daughter-in-law will get to celebrate.  But today is always a special one!

In all of Nature, there hasn't been a sweeter, more kind and loving Husband, Son, Father than my hubby.  He is the best... and I am grateful that he has been a gift to me for so many years.

So, have a piece of cake today... Celebrate some one special in your life... or just have a piece of cake on us!  

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