Thursday, February 26, 2009

a hip "old rose"

I was able to take a photo and create this image that looks quite old

Since I am sort of stuck... and also, because I just got my eyes dilated, I am trying to post something that will keep me from total boredom.  I can't see, can't lift, can't walk too well... and let me tell you... T.V. has nothing on it that perks my interest during the day.  It has been a frustrating week, for sure.  

However, on a lighter note, I found this neat website which is Japanese.  It takes any photo and creates one that looks about 100 years old.  How cool is that??  You might want to play with this yourself.   Just click on the "English" up in the right hand corner... download a photo, and see what happens.  Another way to find some fun today.

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