Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Even More Textures...

piles of sticks piled up after the winter winds
a single pansey peeks out from under the debris - hope for Spring!
gnarly old tree root - reminds me of myself!

It was fun to find the back yard filled with interesting textures imitating life.
Piles of sticks remind me of the strength of many hands together, working to strengthen the way for others.  The pansy, carrying the beauty of blue, amongst all of the neutral colors reminds me that even when things are 'wintering' there is one little sign of Spring that is pushing through, optimistic about it's future.  And, of course, the gnarly old tree root reminds me of the toughness and tenacity that it often takes, to continue to hold down the roots of family, friendships, and faith in the future.  
As we move forward from Winter into Spring, it takes great energy to get us moving towards the beauty of the summer.  It is yet another analogy for life, lived one day at a time.  

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