Monday, January 26, 2009

Winter Weather dictates art!

What a difference a few days make in Colorado!

It's a perfect day to dig in and get a lot of work done..... but not in the studio which is back in the 50 degree range.  I am cleaning up the basement and doing laundry & ironing (yes, even ironing!!) and running errands as quickly as I can.  

Brrr.... when it has been cold this winter, it has really been cold... and then we get these amazing temperatures in the 60's and even the 70's.  Now, that is unusual.  Today, is a very chilly one, with temps in the teens - definitely not my kind of day.  However, the sun did come out this afternoon and it all looks rather sparkle-y out there. 
This is suppose to be a botanical arts blog... but I find that the weather does dictate the arts.
Tomorrow, I will show you photos of what I am now working on and what plans I have for the future from the studio.  I still have some wonderful squash and pumpkins, that are really 'ripe' for the painting.  I am working on sketches.  

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Very similar.