Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Under a Palm Tree....I wish.....

I wish that I was under the Palm Tree today!

It's cold outside.... but the sun is trying to warm the frigid air.  I had to run errands after Tai Chi class... and it was a bit too bitter out for me (totally bundled from head to toe).  The crazy part is that today it is 15 degrees, but the weather woman says that it will be 50 by Saturday.  I hope so, because I am itching to get into my studio and work.  However, I am going out there now... and clean it up so that I am ready to go as the temperature warms up.  

Maybe, I will just take a few minutes to dream under my Palm tree... sip a Mai tai... read a book (haven't been doing much of that this month).  Ah... breathe that ocean air...

Okay.. back to reality.  Happy Birthday to my brother today!

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