Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thinking "Warmth"

I am keeping the warmth of summer in my mind, today

Today, it is a foggy, cold and gray day in Colorado.  We are catching the tail of the frigid weather hitting the northern states.   We are not so used to the foggy conditions (being humid is rare here) so, it makes the day a bit dreary.  I am not complaining though, as it is still possible to go out with out mittens and hats and so many layers, to keep you from freezing.

Growing up in Minnesota, I remember frequent bouts of bitter weather each winter (the -30 degree stuff!).  Everything aches in that weather - it's just not fun.  I recall that when it finally popped back up to +30 degrees, it felt downright balmy.  I am aching for all of you, who are struggling with the bitter weather.  I hope that soon it will be a balmy +30 degrees, and you feel like going out without a coat.  Eventually, it will be Spring, and the blooms will start again.
So, Think Warmth... drink cocoa..... snuggle up in blankets....and know that this won't last forever.  

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