Saturday, January 17, 2009

Friday art group

I used picnik to give you this "poloroid" of my onion

Yesterday, I spent the entire day working on art.  

In the morning, I joined my art group and worked on this onion in pencil.... and in the afternoon, I worked on the  watercolor of  the 'rose'.  I am quickly finishing it up.  It is beginning to please me... which, I then hope, will please the client (keep your fingers crossed!).  

I am also trying to get back into drawing with my pencils again - anything to get my eye retrained to nuance.  I seem to lose track of my form... and value.... which, you might note on the onion.  It's good for me to pop these on to the blog... as  I see the work in a different light.
Now, I know where I need to go with this drawing.

I will show you my other work on Monday, as it is a perfectly 'perfect' day and I want to be outside... just a minute longer.  (These day are the magical days of winter in Colorado!)


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