Monday, December 15, 2008

tracings in the snow....

My guess is a bunny rabbit  ???

You think this might be it???

Oh, it is so cold here.... in the minus temperatures.  Our hope is for a high of 17 degrees!  Okay, I shouldn't complain, but I am not a fan of the really bitter temperatures - it's just too hard to get around.  I feel like a child dressed in so many layers, all you can see is the eyes.

I definitely won't get into the studio ( it's not heated - just a little electrical heater that uses tons of energy :(    But I am busy doing other craft projects around the house... which I may share with you.  Also, my Art group will meet again on Friday, so I will be doing some journaling then (well, maybe I will have a chance to do that before Friday!).

I just signed up for more classes at the Denver Botanical Gardens - Illustration courses.  The teachers are so terrific and there is always more to learn.  It keeps me on my toes to continue the learning process.  

Stay warm today (and if you are in a warm climate... enjoy the warmth!)

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Angela Fehr said...

We had -25 or -30 all weekend; when I get my studio built it will definitely be heated! Winter is a good time to paint when the weather is too poor to do much else!