Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday surprise!

Rodelsled in my herb garden....ready for the hills!

Yesterday, as we ran errands, it was 63 degrees and jackets, no scarves...hats or mittens.  SURPRISE!   This morning we woke to gray skies and several inches of snow and the temperature was 7 degrees!  yes SEVEN!  brrrr......  

In Colorado, what a difference a day makes!

So I put on my old boots (actually my son's old L.L. Bean boots - about 2o years old but just like L.L. Bean... they are still great!) , my down coat (the long one), my hat, mittens (the thermal ones that my son gave me - with the fingers that flip back) and scarf !  Okay... with my trusty camera, I trekked around the yard to catch some photos.  

I will share more of them this week, as my studio is so cold, it's hard to work in there.  I still may get something done (art wise), but not as motivated when it's so chilly out there!

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