Thursday, December 11, 2008

I couldn't resist - another bit of Maui

A view from Makena landing - an original port in Maui for cattle

Looking up at Haleakala volcano from the highway before Kehei
Paddle surfing out on the point of Napili (we get to watch this every day!)

I had to throw in just a few more photos of Maui.... the beauty, the people.... well, I just had to share a bit more of our visit there.  My mind keeps slipping back to this calming place, especially when I find myself with list after list of  "to do"... and not enough time "to do".  This is my break for today.... writing on my blog.  It will be enough for today... just to remember Maui!  If you are stressed out with the 'to do' list.... just think of your favorite place or activity - it will slow your heart beat and help you re-focus.  I am sending you hugs for today!

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