Monday, December 22, 2008

Ho, Ho, Ho....

A touch of Christmas, too!

While catching up on blogs around the world, it seems that the snow is almost everywhere and it's definitely chilly in the air !  It's no exception here.... though we could use a bit more snow.  

I did try to get into the studio yesterday, which was a toasty 55 degrees!   Okay, it's not terrible.... but I have to tell you, my nose was running and my fingers were not performing very well, after an hour of drawing.  Today, it is in the teens, and sort of a very deep gray in the sky, so I am not even going to try to step in there..... art will have to wait for a thaw or two, before I have something to show you.   

We are definitely ready for the holidays and the two of the four kids (I include wife & fiance as my kids...) come home in a few days, which I am anticipating more than anything.  They will warm up the house and fill it with joy (it's just too darn quiet around here without them around).  Hope you are enjoying your holidays.... where ever you may be.

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